School Advisory Council

What is S.A.C.?
S.A.C. is a group of concerned educators, parents and community members working to help our students achieve their full academic, social and personal potential.

The main duties of Princeton Elementary’s School Advisory Council is to help improve our students’ performance by:

  • Preparing the School Improvement Plan (SIP). This document defines measurable goals for what our students must learn.
  • Assisting school leaders in the preparation of the school’s annual budget.

Who can participate?
Your S.A.C. invites you to get involved in your school.

S.A.C. members are elected by their representative peer group (i.e., teachers are elected by teachers etc.) and members must commit to attending 6 of the 8 meetings per school year.

Elections are normally held in early September.

Self-nominations are encouraged.

When does S.A.C. meet?

The second Tuesday of every month at 9:15 a.m. in the front office.