Media Center Policies

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Welcome to the Princeton Elementary School Library Media Center, also known as the Champions Literacy Innovations Center-“C.L.I.C!” Our school has so many various new books and resources which makes responsible book care an important part of our program. Please read and discuss the expectations below with your child.

Book Care Rules:

  • Keep books clean; wash hands before touching.
  • Keep books in a safe place away from babies, pets, food, and liquids.
  • Turn pages carefully from the corner and use a bookmark to mark your place. Never write or draw in a book.
  • When you are not reading your library books, keep them in your backpack or in your classroom at school.


Princeton Panther Library Media Center Policies:

1. Library checkout: Kindergarten will be allowed to check out one book at a time. First through second grade students will be allowed to check out two books at a time. Students in grades 3-5 can check out three books at a time.

2. Books must be returned after two weeks or earlier. No other books may be borrowed if your child has any late books.

3. If a book is lost or damaged, the student must pay to replace it per OCPS media policy.