Music at Princeton Education

Welcome to music at Princeton Elementary! My name is Mr. Lang and I will be your music teacher! Here is a little about me: I love playing guitar, trumpet, and piano and I am always ready to share my love for music. Outside of the classroom I love to surf, drink Starbucks, and read a good book. I am so excited to join the Princeton community and get to know everyone soon!

All students in K through 5th grade will go to music class once a week this year. Curriculum will be based upon grade level national and state standards for music. These standards include, but are not limited to, learning about different musical styles, music in different cultures, reading and writing music, singing, playing instruments, moving, creating, composing, and collaborating!

Students K through 2nd will not be required to bring any materials with them this school year to music class. An open mind and lots of energy is all they need! Students grade 3rd-5th will need to bring a recorder with them to class on certain dates. More information on acquiring a recorder will be given out as a handout during the first couple weeks of school.

All students in grades 3rd-5th are eligible to audition for a performing ensemble at school. The two groups that will be offered are Chorus and ORFF Ensemble.More information about these ensembles will be available during the first week of school as well. Please be on the lookout for that if you are interested!

3rd-5th grade will be attending an annual symphony field trip. The United Arts Young Person's Performance Concert series is free field trip for all Orange County Public Schools and is sponsored by OCPS and United Arts. A permission slip letter explaining this trip in greater detail, including when our school will be attending, will be given out soon.

2nd graders are also preparing to go on a ballet field trip sponsored by United Arts and Orange County Public Schools. This year's field trip will take us to the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center for a professional ballet performance designed just for school age students. Learning about the music and art of ballet is a part of the 2nd grade music state standards, and we're excited to provide an opportunity for students to see it in person. Please be on the lookout for a permission slip letter explaining the performance in greater detail and when our school will be attending.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either through email at [email protected] or by phone at (407) 245-1840 Ext. 380-2267. I look forward to meeting all of you and having a wonderful school year together!

Mr. Lang
Princeton Elementary Music Teacher
[email protected]
(407) 245-1840 Ext. 380-2267